What development opportunities can TEKON offer me?

The development opportunities at TEKON Prüftechnik are not oriented towards a steep hierarchy, but much more focused on gaining a command of more and more fields of expertise. Continuous personal development is planned, and support and further training measures are arranged as needed. This means that out of the diverse qualification opportunities, we implement the one that is most suitable in each particular case. Our dynamic growth opens up many different development opportunities for our employees.



What makes work interesting at a medium-sized company such as TEKON?

Working life in a medium-sized company offers a lot of variety, as the individual areas of responsibility are generally quite varied. In medium-sized businesses generalists who work independently and are business-minded are in demand.


As a medium-sized employer TEKON Prüftechnik stands out with its clear organizational structure and short channels. Management is much more visible in day-to-day life than in a large company.


The benefits are obvious: shorter decision-making routes and faster implementation of ideas, plans, and projects.