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We focus on customers and their needs and individual requirements. Our focus on high-quality individual solutions and extensive, knowledgeable advice is reflected in all areas of business. The high vertical range of manufacture enables us to respond quickly to special requests and gives direct access to flawless product quality.


Our products are progressive. They are appropriate to customer needs and highly functional. They are the answer to many problems in the construction of testing equipment. Our customers receive test contacts that are optimally adjusted for their particular application in terms of the absolute contact resistance and its variance and continuous operation properties. For even more accuracy, we offer the option of additionally fitting our applications with four-wire measurement for performing specific testing tasks under series conditions according to the Kelvin principle. Since 2000 we have been regularly certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Through continuous improvement processes and the implementation of a quality management system we always achieve high-quality products, processes, and services.
Four-wire measurement according to the Kelvin principle is used to determine electrical resistances if wire and connection resistors can distort the measurement. For measurement setup a known electrical current flows through the resistor via two of the wires. The dropping voltage at the resistor is tapped with high resistance via two further wires and measured with a voltage measuring device. The resistance to be measured is calculated from this according to Ohm's law.