Optimizing contacts.

TEKON contact elements are the basis for a reliable and error-free test process in the electrical testing of connectors, printed circuit boards, and other electrical components.

Altogether the TEKON product range includes a variety of different Tekoflex sensing contacts and spring contact probes in various materials, head shapes, and diameters, as well as individual spring and testing contacts.


Standard catalog goods

In addition to our customer-specific solutions we are also pleased to offer you contact elements for your testing tasks, such as spring contact probes and Tekoflex four-wire measurements contacts, in standard designs.


Tekoflex four-wire measurements

The process-reliable contacting and simple assembly of the patented Tekoflex system guarantee reliable and precise results. The system is most suitable for low contact resistances and a high mating cycle rate and current load.


Spring contact probes

We can provide you with a variety of different spring contact probes that are suitable for your every need and are happy to deliver this in an individual model for your specific testing task, and in small and even very small quantities.


The range

The product range includes a variety of contact elements such as micro contacts, charging and battery contacts, BGA contacts, pilot pins, spring contacts, coil spring contact probes, actuating bolts, non-rotating spring contact probes, Tekoflex, and LED pins.


Tell us about your testing task. Our specialists will be pleased to advise you.


Our products have a high degree of availability and a long service life. With service measures carried out regularly, maximum productivity is achieved with limited downtime. With a maintenance contract, customer-specific procedures and deadlines can be taken into consideration in advance. Our service team are happy to assist you in an advisory and supportive capacity with preventative maintenance and service.

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Catalog goods

In addition to our customer-specific solutions, we are also happy to advise you on the range of products for the contact probe that best suits you individually, and we can also produce and deliver this for you in small quantities and in a very short time.