Measuring very small resistances.

The patented Tekoflex is highly suitable for testing tasks in four-wire as well as two-wire measurement technology which require a low tolerance compensation and high contact reliability.

With our Tekoflex system, measuring processes can be carried out in a user-friendly way with process reliability and optimized costs. This is because four-wire measurement on flat blades is associated with considerable costs, particularly for small electrode spacing and conventional contact testing systems.


For a four-wire measurement, also known as Kelvin sensing, the contact resistance and line resistance and the associated voltage drop are compensated at the contact point between probe and test specimen. For very low resistances in particular, such as the protective conductor measurement or low-resistance winding resistances, this method is applicable.


TEKON is a leader in the field of four-wire measurement. The unrivaled Tekoflex system stands out thanks to its contact pliers on round and flat contacts. This means that the measurement result is independent of the length of the supply lines and of indeterminable contact resistances in the testing device.



The benefits

  • Low insertion forces and low contact resistances
  • Low-fatigue spring design
  • Low wear
  • High peak currents possible
  • No abrasion marks on the test object
  • Extremely high mating cycle rate
  • 50,000 to approx. 300,000 mating cycles
  • Four-wire or two-wire measurement with twice the current
  • Higher currents than the spring contact probe solution (approx. 20 A)
  • Cascadable and more quickly changeable than spring contact probes (TF07)
  • Very reliable contacting thanks to several contact points (from TF28 / PIN 2.8 mm)
  • Contact spacing from 2.54 mm
  • Available with floating mounting on request

"Our Tekoflex contacts bring four-wire measurement according to the Kelvin principle from the laboratory to the factory."


- Valentin Matveev, Project Manager for Design and Tekoflex specialist

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