Commit together. For sustainability.

Commit together. For sustainability.

And at the same time for cost savings, delivery readiness and image enhancement.
Environmental protection and resource conservation are close to all our hearts. We at TEKON have therefore developed a recycling system for contacts that enables us to move closer to these goals together. In addition, the circular economy at TEKON offers concrete advantages in terms of cost savings, faster delivery readiness and image enhancement.

Cost savings

Depending on the specific customer requirement, we as a manufacturer can often save costs by reusing and recycling test components. We pass these savings on to our customers. Thus, products and components from a circular economy may be cheaper than conventional products. Contacting is designed on the premise of being able to easily replace wear parts. This means that a repair can be offered at a significantly lower price than a new product.

Faster delivery capability

Whether for repairs or the new construction of test adapters: as soon as refurbished parts can be used, the time availability is decisively improved.

Image gain

A circular economy helps to conserve resources and avoid waste. This can be achieved, for example, through the reuse of raw materials, the recycling of components and materials, or the repair and reuse of components. The focus is on an efficient and environmentally friendly supply of raw materials as well as the transport of finished products with the emphasis on reducing emissions by avoiding unnecessary transport routes as well as a joint packaging solution to save packaging material. Customers who operate together with us in a circular economy system act in an environmentally conscious manner, contribute to compliance with environmental standards and achieve a better image.
Return adapters and collect monetary rewards
Circular economy affects all areas of the value chain