TEKON test adapters: high transmission performance and process reliability

Test engineering for high current applications

The requirements in the industry for process-safe contacting in industry, especially in the production of hybrid and electric vehicles, are simultaneously high and diverse.

TEKON’s high-performance high-current applications have a wide range of contacting of electric drives and battery cells. By means of intelligent designs and special materials, our test engineering experts develop convincing, future-proof contacting solutions, best possible adapted to the technical and economic customer requirements.

High currents require permanently low contact resistances of the electrical contacts. Too high resistances lead to heat loss. On the other hand, unacceptable heating must also be avoided: because of the risk of malfunctions and pseudo faults, the service life of the test adapter as well as negative influence on the DUT.

TEKON adaptations offer here a size and performance ratio adapted to the respective test station. They combine high current carrying capacity with small dimensions (“current density”). The requirements range from the lowest possible contact resistances and low heat dissipation to safety-relevant interlock queries, four-wire measurement technology and ground contacts. The TEKONect info module also helps to monitor these processes directly in the test adaptation.

Your added value at a glance:

  • Highest current density in the market (if required)

  • Cost-effective matching of size and performance ratio to the test station

  • In-depth know-how and proven expertise in high-current contacting

  • Fast, high-precision test solutions for the automotive industry, electromobility (such as e-bikes, pedelecs), power tools and drive technology, among others

  • Powerful, specific test fixtures for process-reliable test procedures

The defined contact pressure of the contact elements in conjunction with the geometry of the contacts ensures that very high currents and low contact resistances can be realized.


  • Basic system of TEKON contact tongs in many variants.
  • Active principle of pneumatic contacting prevents damage to the contacts to be tested
  • Adapter can be used in fully automated systems or at manual test stations
  • Highest service life on the market and cost-optimized service life, design according to customer requirements
  • Integrated cooling with high power transmission
    Low heat generation at the contact
  • If required, contacting without traces, no scratches or deposits on the test specimen
  • Optional: TEKON test fixture with temperature monitoring and intelligent information module (TEKONect)

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