What motivates us? Clearly our vision: "Future in our region".

What does this mean specifically?

Our responsibility is the sustainable development of society and nature.

  • TEKON offers children and grandchildren a secure and interesting job in the future.
  • This happens in a region that is worth living and loving.

We face a globalized world in which a highly qualified labor market like in Germany only has a future through technological leadership and flexibility. We work with enthusiasm and pride on new ideas in high-tech quality. For us, this also means opening up new business areas, increasing efficiency and responding flexibly to market changes. We see cooperation with local suppliers of purchased parts or services as an investment in our region.

Ecology and sustainability play a major role here. Located at the gates of Stuttgart in the Rems Valley, long distances are often spared thanks to “work on the doorstep”. Our actions are characterized by the prudent treatment of people and nature in order to provide a livable basis for future generations.

Our principles help us to align our focus on vision and values.

Rooted in the region “schaffa mir” with pride and passion for secure jobs, social peace and an intact nature.

Our vision, together with our values and principles, gives us direction and purpose. It inspires us to always give our best. In doing so, it gives us orientation for our daily actions in our day-to-day work.

Our Values

Mindfulness I Tolerance I Trust

… means for us at TEKON:

Tolerance is the basis for a mindful and trustful interaction with each other, with customers, suppliers as well as business partners.

On the other hand, tolerance also means for us that we recognize other opinions and points of view and consider being different, acting different and thinking different as an opportunity.


… means for us at TEKON:

We among ourselves, our customers, suppliers and business partners can always and at any time rely on us.

Think positive

… means for us at TEKON:

We live a positive, optimistic mindset that applies to both our actions and our dealings with our fellow human beings.


… means for us at TEKON:

We get involved with new things, try them out, arrive at new insights and have a transparent way of dealing with them as well as with further information.


… means for us at TEKON:

Economic: High earning power forms the basis for secure jobs in the long term and our commitment to the common good. In doing so, we strive to generate as much added value as possible in our region.

Ecological: We pay attention to the conscious use of natural resources, improving our energy efficiency, sustainable management and recycling with the aim of reducing our ecological footprint.

Social: With our projects for personnel and organizational development, an appropriate remuneration system and our donation and sponsoring projects, we live our social responsibility as a company.

Our principles

Technology leadership

… means for us at TEKON:

Class instead of mass: We invest in technological progress and are always one step ahead of the global competition with our innovative products and services. With this principle we finance our future.

"Learning" organization

… means for us at TEKON:

We are open to change, continuous learning and a constructive error culture. This is both the basis and the motivator for us to bring in even more creativity and agility and to become faster than any competition.


We are Swabian; which means that we are financially sound and independent and only spend what we have earned.