The smart test adapter TEKONect

Intelligent adapter for process-safe end-of-line testing

The end-of-line test of DUTs with large quantities places high demands on the test technology in the production of electronic components.

The intelligent information module TEKONect integrated in the TEKON test adapter creates the prerequisite for monitoring the test in real time and avoiding errors at the contact point. The design and testing scope of TEKONect depend on the individual testing tasks.

Predictive Maintenance:

An important component of Industry 4.0

The TEKON information module TEKONect, which has been expanded by many functions, offers significantly greater customer benefits through predictive maintenance. Specific data on the current condition of machines and plants as well as empirical values can be condensed via algorithms and “Big Data Management” into very precise predictions on remaining runtimes and failure risks.

Preventive maintenance can thus be carried out with pinpoint accuracy – in good time and not prematurely.


With the TEKONect information module, TEKON creates the communication and information bridge to the electrical test adapter. The test module comes into direct contact with the DUTs and usually contains wear parts. This creates the conditions for recording, processing, storing and communicating important process variables to the outside. The most important difference compared to the past is that not only a status is communicated, but ideally also a maintenance note.

Predictive maintenance with TEKONect info module at a glance:

  • Autonomous operation or additional connection via plant control system
  • Continuous monitoring and status adjustment via LED traffic light principle
  • Dynamic maintenance intervals according to qualitative criteria (health score)
  • Extended control of test procedures by additional information
  • Temperature monitoring: monitoring of the temperature at the immediate contact point, warning messages, automatic regulation of the active cooling function
  • Longer service life of the test fixtures, avoidance of (pseudo) faults and reduction of repair costs

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