Secure rewards now for returning adapters!

It pays to participate! For the environment. And for you.

REKON: Perfect interaction between TEKON and CUSTOMER

We reward every TEKON old adapter that you return to us with 500 points (equivalent to 50 euros). We even take back old adapters from other manufacturers and reward them with 250 points (equivalent to 25 euros).

Which premium would you like to receive? The choice is yours:

  • Support for ecological projects (from 500 points)
    We want to help shape the future and contribute to sustainable change. Our activities range from CO2 reduction measures to support for climate protection projects. In addition to reducing our own emissions, supporting projects run by the Baden-Württemberg climate protection foundation Myclimate is an important element in our climate strategy toward net zero.
  • Contribution to reforestation by planting trees (500 points or more)
    Why do we want to plant trees? Trees sequester carbon and slow down climate change. For one cubic meter of wood, a tree consumes an average of one ton of CO2. We think this is a remarkable achievement, which we want to support by reforesting our regional forests. There are several areas in the Rommelshausen region that need to be reforested. We will actively participate in this in the future by conducting TEKON tree planting campaigns in the spring and late fall.
  • Credit for repair service (from 1000 points, excl. spare parts)
    We will gladly credit your collected points for the next repair service.
  • Credit for on-site service (from 1000 points, excl. spare parts)
    We will gladly credit your collected points for the next service call at your site.
  • Crediting on new orders of TEKON adapters (from 500 points).
    With your next order of a new test adapter we credit your collected points on the purchase price to minimize your costs and to make your purchase even more advantageous.
  • Credit on special tool for the use of test adapters (from 250 points)
    Choose an exclusive special tool to ensure smooth use of our test fixtures. These high-quality tools are selected specifically for your requirements and enable you to optimize your workflows and make the best use of our products.
  • Credit for training (500 points or more)
    We offer you the opportunity to redeem your accumulated points to attend our training courses at a lower cost and expand your knowledge.

You are rejecting a test adapter. What to do?

Simply send it to us and we will reward your commitment with reward points on your customer account. The next steps are very simple:

Start the process by emailing us at or calling us directly at 07151 36884-14. Our internal sales team will efficiently and personally assist you and provide all the necessary information so that you can receive a return label via DHL or DPD. After you have printed the shipping label and securely packed the test fixture, take the package to the nearest post office. That’s it!

We will credit your customer account with reward points for each test fixture that is discarded. Whether you want to redeem these points for a service, an ecological project or a non-cash reward, we will ensure that your project is implemented smoothly.

Together, we set an example for sustainability.

Benefiting directly from the circular economy
Circular economy affects all areas of the value chain