TEKON adapter for electrical contacting

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TEKON adapter for EOL testing

Electrical connectors for series use

for a process-safe test environment

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Almost 50 employees work hard every day. Their goal: to create the best possible solution for the customer! As experts in their respective fields, they bring drive, expertise and experience to the table. If a new project is pending, we take care of it – flexibly, resiliently, solution-oriented.

Intelligent - test fixtures for more good parts, resource efficiency and cost benefits

Regardless of whether the quality aspects and framework conditions at the interface of an electrical device to be tested are simple, diverse or complex, the dimensions and test sizes tiny or large:

The synaptically developed TEKON test adapters with intelligent TEKONect module are not only a link to Industry 4.0 and Deep Learning.

As an example from our service portfolio, they also explain how we help machine builders and operators to tap new added value potential.

More good parts

A constant minimum contact resistance by means of temperature sensors close to the test contact and a safe thermal management, four-wire measurement, floating bearing, active and wear-free contact clamps, protection against damage by electrical discharge or interpretation of the data supplied by TEKONect:

All this enables

  • high cycle rates during testing,
  • reproducible test results,
  • less pseudo scrap,
  • continuous optimization of the inspected product and
    more and more good parts.

More resource efficiency

More good parts, up to 1 million switching cycles, parallel testing of electrical and non-electrical parameters such as leak tightness with only one adapter, remote monitoring of the operating status, maintenance as well as process optimization through evaluation of the data by TEKONect.

But also common good orientation or services in system integration and service minimize material usage, energy consumption and personnel expenses and create independence.

More cost advantages

Maximum productivity, long service life and low life cycle costs thanks to

  • more good parts and resource efficiency,
  • agile and reliable cooperation during the product development and product life cycle,
  • tailor-made TEKON test adapters reduced to what is necessary,
  • quick-change and handling systems,
  • long and predictive maintenance intervals and
    permanently available spare parts.